Conventional Approaches

Conventional Approaches

Not just robots! At LSP we still cultivate (more) conventional tools and methods, and still like ‘to get our hands dirty’.


  • Bench polymerization reactors remain an option even with They allow for process scale-up, as an important next step towards catalyst and process development and optimization. Moreover, they are very useful for preparing large(r) polymer amounts when these are required for certain characterizations (e.g. mechanical).
  • Planetary ball mills are valuable tools for preparing models of Ziegler-Natta catalyst They can be used to study the interaction of single components (like e.g. organic electron donors, Ti precursor species, etc.) with the MgCl2 matrix. Our Retsch PM100planetary ball-mill is very effective to prepare nano-structured materials with exceedingly high specific surfaces.
  • Cryogenic ball mills feature grinding jars which are continually cooled with liquid nitrogen thanks to an integrated cooling system before and during the grinding process. Cryogenic grinding can be used to, e.g., pulverize UHMW amorphous polymeric materials, thus speeding up their dissolution in a proper liquid medium.

Main Equipment – Conventional Experimentation

bench Polymerization reactor

Bench Polymerization reactor

Retsch Cryo Mill

Retsch Cryo Mill

Retsch PM100 Planetary mill

Retsch PM100 Planetary mill

quenched-flow reaction setup

Quenched-Flow Reaction Setup

Solution NMR Spectroscopy

Solution NMR Spectroscopy

ligand and pre-catalyst synthesis

Ligand and pre-catalyst synthesis


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