• A classical view of the Bay of Naples at dawn

  • Downtown Naples (UNESCO World Heritage), with the wound of ‘Spaccanapoli’ (‘Lower Decumanus’)

  • Castel S. Elmo (now a Museum), on top of the Vomero hill

  • Castel dell’Ovo, the oldest castle in Naples, on former island of Megaride

  • The ‘Fontanelle’ cemetery caves, established after the great plague of 1656

  • A snapshot of the America’s Cup Catamaran World Series (2012)

  • ‘Toledo’ station, according to the Daily Telegraph the most scenic metro station in the world

  • The small island of Nisida and the Bay of Pozzuoli at sunset; LSP is nearby...

  • ‘Corricella’ marina, on the island of Procida (home to Pablo Neruda during his long exile)

  • ‘Sibyl’s Cave’, in the Greek colony of Cumae (now a National Archaeological Site)


Naples, a visual introduction


This page provides a link to a recent (March 2016) video produced to promote the (successful) candidacy of Naples to host the 2019 Summer Universiade (World University Games, the second largest multi-sporting event in the world after the Summer Olympics). In less than 3 minutes, the video effectively captures what the city and its surroundings can offer in terms of nature, history, architecture, art, and life. Even if no visit is planned as yet, spending a short time to watch it can be a pleasant and revealing experience.



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