• Close-up of the Freeslate Core Module HTE platform

  • Front view of the Freeslate Core Module HTE platform

  • Close-up of the Freeslate PPR48 HTE platform

  • Batch polymerization reactors

  • Close-up of the pre-heated auto-sampler of the Bruker Avance III NMR setup with high-temperature cryoprobe


Main Equipment (as of January 2016)


Functional description

Technical specifications
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Computational Modeling and
HTC Primary Catalyst Screening

Dell PowerEdge M610 Cluster (16 Blades, 180 cores)

HTE Ligand / Precatalyst Synthesis

Freeslate Extended Core Module with full glovebox containment

Heterogeneous Model Catalyst Preparation

Retsch PM100 Planetary Mill

HTE Secondary Catalyst Screening

Freeslate Parallel Pressure Reactor PPR48 with integrated accessories (Bohdan Weighing Accelerator, Genevac EZ2-Plus Centrifugal Evaporator)

Bench Polymerization Reactors

Brignole AU-Models (AU-2, AU-1, AU-300, AU-150)

Quenched-Flow Reaction Setup

Custom-Made Equipment

NMR Spectroscopy for Polymer Analysis

Bruker Avance 400 III with High-Temperature Cryoprobe

NMR Spectroscopy for Organic and Organometallic Chemistry

Bruker Avance 400 with Multi-Nuclear VT Probe

High-Temperature GPC

Freeslate Rapid GPC (access via HTExplore)

Polymer Fractionation

- Parallel Solvent Extraction
- Polymer Char CEF (for R&D in collaboration with Sabic)

ICP-OE Spectroscopy

Agilent 710 setup

Department-Shared, 1 – X-Ray Diffraction

- Single-Crystal Diffractometer with Area Detector
  (Nonius FR 500)
- Automatic Powder Diffractometer (Philips PW
  1830) with custom-made controlled-atmosphere

Department-Shared, 2 – DSC/TGA

- Perkin Elmer Pyris 1
- Mettler DSC822/DSC30/TG50

Department-Shared, 3 – MS and GC-MS

The Department is associated to the Large Scale European MS Facility of U-Naples

Department-Shared, 4 – NMR Spectroscopy

- Bruker Avance 600 with cryoprobe
- Varian Inova 500

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